Aluminium Conductor

As an electrical conductor,few materials can rival aluminum.In application,Aluminium conductors are primarily composed of high – purity aluminium,often alloyed with small amounts of other metals to enhance specific properties.

What are the common applications of Aluminum Conductors?

There are five main types of aluminum power cables.

  • The first is known as All Aluminum Conductor(AAC) and consists of Electrical Conductor grade aluminum.This aluminum alloy is not very strong,and although its conductivity is 61 % that of copper,it is not seen very often in transmission lines.You will find it in urban distribution lines,which tend to have shorter spans and higher requirements for conductivity.

  • Next is All Aluminum Alloy Conductor(AAAC),which is made from alloy 6201(alloy 1120 australia).This alloy offers excellent strength,with about 52 % the conductivity of copper.It is frequently used for distribution and is especially useful in coastal areas because of its corrosion resistance.

  • Aluminum Conductor,Steel Reinforced(ACSR) combines a steel core with layers of aluminum 1350 alloy wires wrapped around it in spiral.With the significantly increased strength provided by the steel core,there is much less sag,making this kind of cable suitable for both transmission and distribution.You will often find it used in river crossings and other areas where higher strength is necessary.

  • Aluminum Conductor,Alloy Reinforced(ACAR) combines aluminum 1350 wrapped around a 6201 aluminum alloy core.This results in improved electrical and mechanical properties than ACSR,making it more reliable,though more expensive than other cables.It can be found in both overhead transmission and distribution lines.

Aerial bundled cables (also aerial bundled conductors or simply ABC)

  • Finally,Aerial Bundle Cables,These low voltage and medium voltage cables,abbreviated as ABC,are wrapped in insulation,with the medium voltage variants also having an outer sheath.

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