Specific introduction to Renewable energy cables

Consisting of solar cable, wind and hydro power generation, the renewable energy market has experienced significant growth over the last few years. As your renewable energy cable partner, JYTOP Cable is committed to environmental stewardship and renewable energy and is confident in the long-term future of this market.

We develop, manufacture and distribute wire and cable for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity from renewable energy technology. JYTOP Cable’s proven cable solutions that address the rigorous requirements of solar, wind and hydro power applications are based on a long history of technical and manufacturing experience, and an extensive research and development program.


Power cables for the generation and transmission of electricity produced from flowing water. JYTOP Cable’s power cable products play an important role in the generation and transmission of electricity produced from flowing water. Our transmission and distribution cables efficiently and effectively transport electricity from hydroelectric plants throughout the power grid to the end consumer.


With the increasing growth and acceptance of solar as a renewable power source, JYTOP Cable offers a broad range of products for the solar market that are engineered to withstand the demands of the entire solar power generation, transmission and distribution systems – from the sun to the outlet.

JYTOP Cable and wires can be found from the back of the solar panel to the inverter, from the inverter to the transformer and from the substation to the power grid. Our extensive expertise and R&D program allow us to offer cable solutions to respond to the world’s changing energy needs.


As a company committed to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, JYTOP Cable provides cables to meet the unique performance requirements of increased flexibility, and resistance to high torsion stress, vibration, oils and abrasion associated with wind power applications. JYTOP Cable’s cable solutions continue to evolve to support the industry standards organizations’ adoption of traditional cables, which deliver the same long-term performance and reliability as the specially designed cables introduced in the early development of wind power.

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